Whether working with businesses, agencies, individuals, or the community, RYLO assists in finding solutions to whatever the situation may be.

Below are some of the special projects we have been a part of in current years.

Polihale State Park Access Restoration

Polihale State Park Access Restoration

In early 2009, due to massive rains and flooding, Polihale State Beach Park was closed, due to washed-out roads and bridges.

When the state of Hawai’i declared it would take two years and four million dollars to repair, RYLO collaborated with the Department of Land and Natural Resources as well as other businesses and individuals to fix the damages.

Eight days later…the gates to the park were opened.

Pila’a Reforestation Project

In a project mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with Kaua’i landowners and caretakers, each summer since 2009 RYLO works on private property in Pila’a to eradicate invasive species, plant native species in compliance with a reforestation plan, and restores contaminated and/or stagnant waterways.

Kapahi Water Feature Project

RYLO Construction Kapahi Water Project

During the summer months of 2011, RYLO worked on a private residence to restore abandoned irrigation ditches on the property which were breached with water shooting out of the ground in some places.

The restoration included creating culverts, using piping techniques as well as rock, cement, and boulders to redirect the water into ponds and waterfalls, creating an oasis of water features, and stopping the waste of unused water on the property.

East Kaua’i Reservoir Installation

In 2009, RYLO built a reservoir at a privately-owned ranch on the east side of Kaua’i.

In a dried-out valley filled with invasive grass, we dammed two sides with dirt, creating a natural reservoir, which the owners filled with water from a natural stream on the property that was previously used to irrigate sugar cane and pineapple.

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