RYLO’s Newest Addition: Adaptable Equipment Allows for an Abundance of Projects


We are in love with a big hunk of metal. It’s one of our latest machine attachments; what we call the “Shredder/Grinder/Chipper/Mulcher.” This tool has allowed us to complete a plethora of creative, innovative and cost effective projects this year. It provides a more environmentally sound way to clear land, eradicate invasive species, and reclaim properties.

Before Shredding

Before Shredding

Unlike the old way of scraping the ground to clear debris, this tool works just above the soil so as not to upset roots systems of the landscape, which prevents erosion. Once the area is shredded, the mulched debris can remain on the ground as natural (and free!) mulching or ground cover, rather than buying and trucking in mulch for your property.

After Shredding

After Shredding

Our projects over the last few months have been spread across the island and have ranged from reforestation to digging wells to building rock wall terraces. On many of these jobs, the Shredder/Grinder/Chipper/Mulcher has played a large role. Compiled below is a summary of our latest ventures.

North Shore/Pila’a area

In collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Hawai’i and the County of Kaua’i, RYLO completed one phase of an ongoing reforestation project. The tasks included:

  • Eradicating invasive species
  • Reforesting with native species such as Kukui, Koaia, Kamani and native hibiscus
  • Restoring streams to improve water quality, removing stagnant areas, moss and algae

South Shore/Kalaheo

Utility Box Installation

Utility Box Installation

RYLO recently helped a landowner in Kalaheo improve on his epic ocean views and vista of Ni’ihau in the distance by burying the power lines that were in the way.

Teaming up with the County of Kaua’i and Esaki Engineering, RYLO removed the overhead power lines and installed them underground along the County roadway.

Westside/Kekaha and Mana

Two recent RYLO specialized projects on Kaua’i’s westside have included:

  • Shredding invasive Kiawe and Hale Koa on an orchard in Mana, to free up the mature Neem trees which reside on the property, allowing them to thrive
  • Digging a well, installing a pool and implementing a grass block driveway at a private residence in Kekaha

 Eastside/Upper Kapa’a

Working on a thirty acre property in Kapa’a lately, RYLO worked with clients to transform an overgrown jungle of invasive plants and swamp areas to an oasis with waterfalls and ponds built naturally with stone and supported by native plants, and installed sloping terraces where before was a series of steep hillsides.

Puhi/Central Kaua’i

Currently RYLO is working at the Kaua’i Humane Society helping to add new pavilions to the expanding dog park in Puhi.

Mahalo to our machines, our clients and the land we work with for a productive, innovative last several months. What can the Shredder/Grinder/Chipper/Mulcher do for you?

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