RYLO offers a variety of services to transform your land.

Shaping, contouring, terracing, sloping. Moving the earth to fit our client’s vision and maximize the potential of the land.
That’s what RYLO specializes in.

RYLO Construction Landscaping


Landscaping Lauhala

Planting Lauhala

Planting Lauhala photo examples how mature tree and plant transplants provide immediate landscaping for farming uses, as well as acting as a wind barrier, border, and giving privacy.

In addition to excavation equipment, RYLO also uses boom trucks and/or cranes for transplanting. Our method allows minimal shock to the trees, so survival is guaranteed.

Frequent Landscaping Concerns

1The steep hillside that looks impossible to transform into an area you can use?

2The overgrown field or jungle with invasive species that seems too difficult to clear?

3The swamp or barren area on your property that needs balancing of moisture?

4Topsoil that is hard, dry and dusty and seems nothing will grow from it?

We have solutions to all these challenges and more.

Transforming Your Land

We consult with our clients to design the best possible plan for their land; one that will maximize its value and natural beauty. We work with the land to draw out its inherent benefits.

  • Terracing
  • Retaining walls
  • Tree sales, transplants, installation and removal
  • Complete installation of water and irrigation systems
  • Mowing, shredding and mulching of overgrown brush, trees and grass
  • Sales and delivery all types of aggregates: sand, soil, gravel, volcanic cinder, rocks and boulders for driveways, walkways, gardens and more
  • Culverts
  • Roadways and pathways
  • Water features: RYLO has extensive experience in water drainage and water retention; how to use water wisely and to your benefit
  • Sales and delivery of topsoil, compost, fill dirt, mulch, and wood chips

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We help our clients discover cost-effective strategies to all their project needs.