From fruit orchards to hardwood tree forests to vegetable farms to exotic palm tree groves, RYLO assists clients in all their agricultural needs on the Garden Isle.

Digging a Water Line Trench

Water Line Trenching

Land owners or caretakers who engage in agricultural enterprises on Kaua’i not only help the island work towards sustainability, but become part of a potentially lucrative and rewarding industry. RYLO has assisted dozens of clients with their farming and agricultural needs.

Whether it’s a new design in the planning stages, exploring more cost-effective maintenance options for a current property, or restructuring and diversifying, we can help.

Installing water systems for farms, orchards or gardens which is an important step for any enterprise.

RYLO can provide an infrastructure design, and complete the entire process from clearing land to prepping the soil to preparation for planting various crops.

RYLO Agriculture Services Include
RYLO Construction Stump Removal

Stump Removal

1Site preparation: mulching, grinding, shredding, mowing

2Land leveling, contouring and terracing

3Utilizing water drainage and retention according to plant species

4Complete installation of water and irrigation systems

5Sales and delivery of soils and aggregates to fit your needs such as: mulch, compost, wood chips, soil amendments

Composting Greenwaste

Composting Greenwaste

6Green waste composting and removal

7Consultation on plant placement and maintenance for long term success

8Tree hole digging and planting

9Tree sales and delivery

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We help our clients discover cost-effective strategies to all their project needs.